The Owners


The Nencetti’s

David and I have dreamed for as long as we can remember about selling everything we own when I turn 45 and moving to the Caribbean.  We took many cruises and loved all the islands, the culture, the relaxed state of mind, the sun, the beach, all of it. Of course, it was always just a dream.  We never thought it would be a possibility.  Then in 2012, in the midst of both of us working like dogs in our careers, we took an impromptu vacation to the Florida Keys.  While tiki bar hopping in a convertible down US 1 (we have a great spreadsheet of the tiki bars), we stopped at this little place called Burdine’s Chiki Tiki Bar & Grille. The drive to the tiki bar is a bit sketchy, but it opens up to this beautiful marina and natural deep canal.  As we were enjoying some conch fritters and Coronas, these beautiful sailboats were entering and leaving the docks.  I looked at David and said, “Seeing as we have never been able to agree on a Caribbean island to settle on, why don’t we get a sailboat?  Then we can visit any island we want and stay as long as we want.”

For the remainder of our trip, we dreamed and told stories of how it could be.  And wondered if we could really do it. This small, impromptu vacation, to date has been one of our best vacations and was the birth of our early “retirement” plans.  As soon as we got home, we made an appointment to meet with our new financial planner, Brian Raleigh, of Raleigh Wealth Solutions.  We were waiting for him to tell us we were absolutely crazy to try to “retire from Corporate America” at 45 and live on a sailboat. After our first visit, he was just as excited as we were and laid out a plan to get us there by 2018, when I turn 45.

Fast forward to 2015 and we are now the proud owners of Know Tan Lines.  A 41’ Fountaine Pajot Liparicatamaran. We are completely in love with her and are learning to sail.  Yes, that’s right, we don’t know how to sail.  But we are learning. We decided to buy Know Tan Lines early to start the chartering business as a part of our future “retirement” plan. We will stay in Corporate America until 2018 and are utilizing Cruise Annapolis management group to build up and learn about the chartering business. We will take over managing the chartering full time come 2018 and head south.  Until then, we will keep our eyes on the water, toes in the sand, and keep learning the ins-and-outs of sailing and the charter business.

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses,

Beth and David Nencetti – Owners