Who We Are

David and I have dreamed for as long as we can remember about selling everything we own when I turn 45 and moving to the Caribbean.  We took many cruises and loved all the islands, the culture, the relaxed state of mind, the sun, the beach, all of it. Of course, it was always just a dream.  We never thought it would be a possibility.  Then in 2012, in the midst of both of us working like dogs in our careers, we took an impromptu vacation to the Florida Keys.  While tiki bar hopping in a convertible down US 1 (we have a great spreadsheet of the tiki bars), we stopped at this little place called Burdine’s Chiki Tiki Bar & Grille. The drive to the tiki bar is a bit sketchy, but it opens up to this beautiful marina and natural deep canal.  As we were enjoying some conch fritters and Coronas, these beautiful sailboats were entering and leaving the docks.  I looked at David and said, “Seeing as we have never been able to agree on a Caribbean island to settle on, why don’t we get a sailboat?  Then we can visit any island we want and stay as long as we want.”

For the remainder of our trip, we dreamed and told stories of how it could be.  And wondered if we could really do it. This small, impromptu vacation, to date has been one of our best vacations and was the birth of our early “retirement” plans.  As soon as we got home, we made an appointment to meet with our new financial planner, Brian Raleigh, of Raleigh Wealth Solutions.  We were waiting for him to tell us we were absolutely crazy to try to “retire from Corporate America” at 45 and live on a sailboat. After our first visit, he was just as excited as we were and laid out a plan to get us there by 2018, when I turn 45.
In 2015, we purchased a brand new 41’ Fountaine Pajot Lipari Evolution catamaran and named her Know Tan Lines. We instantly fell in love with her and began the difficult journey to learn how to sail.  Yes, you read that write, this entire dream of retiring early to live on a sailboat was planned with one little hiccup, we didn’t know how to sail.  We bought Know Tan Lines earlier then expected and placed her in charter with Cruise Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland.  We had no choice but to stay in Corporate America through 2018 so we chose to use the Atlantic Cruising Yachts Business yacht ownership program.  This enabled us to buy a much newer boat than original planned, far early then we expected and gave us the ability to learn how to sail on her while she was in limited charters in Annapolis.
Fast forward to 2018, we have learned so much from everyone in Annapolis and have even made multiple trips down the intracoastal waterway to winter KTL in New Bern, NC in 2016 & 2017, brought her back to Annapolis in April 2017 and finally performed our first solo passage from Annapolis back to New Bern, NC to stay for the 2018 charter season.
Thomas Point, MD
Cunningham Bridge, New Bern NC
Naval Yard, Norfolk, VA

We have taken over managing chartering in New Bern full time this year with plans for more southern waters sometime in 2019.  Until then, we will keep our eyes on the water, toes in the sand, and keep learning the ins-and-outs of sailing and the charter business.

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses,
David, Beth and Squirt Nencetti


Coming Soon!


Not sure how I got here looking back on my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Growing up in Western New York on Lake Erie, you would think I had a ton of boating experience and even maybe a little sailing experience.  My step father did have a small power boat when I was younger, but I only remember a few rides and I was too young to drive.  So my boating experiences have been limited at best and my helming experiences are even less.  So how do you get to wanting to live on a sail boat?  During my high school and early college years, I learned that life is short and you need to enjoy it.  My younger sister passed away in a car accident during my freshman year of college.  Later that fall, I met David and he opened my eyes to new and interesting things.  We took our first trip to the Bahamas during spring break.  That was my first time traveling to another country, besides Canada, and David’s first time flying in a plane. I learned how to drive a manual transmission, ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun, and I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  Some pretty basic things, but all things that probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t met David.

After graduation and us getting married, I started teaching high school math in NC.  I taught for five years, worked for an educational software company for another six years and then started working in commercial nuclear power training.  The past 12 years have afforded us the opportunity for more travel, exploration, and crazy dreams. 

We are within the two year mark of our proposed retirement.  We have had Know Tan Lines for 2.5 years now and I have learned so much.  We took several ASA classes to learn more about sailing which has definitely made me more conformable on a sailboat.  But every day I spend on KTL, I realize how much I don’t know.  Although I don’t have any bad habits to unlearn, I am starting from ground zero.  So although I am excited about the freedom and new experiences that await, I have to learn not only how to truly and efficiently sail KTL, but also how to maintain our home.  That means mechanical (boat engines and rigging), electrical (AC and DC, batteries, inverters, and generators…oh my) and rigging.  So right now, I feel completely overwhelmed, but taking each day one lesson at a time…and then repeating that lesson again when I haven’t been on KTL for a while.

And in all of this, I’ve finished my Yoga Teacher Training.  This will allow me to teach yoga classes when we “retire” and when we make I to the Caribbean, have my own yoga sailing retreats.  But first, retire and learn how to maintain our home.


Hi! I’m Squirt, the real one in charge here.  I adopted the Nencetti’s in November 2017.  During their visit to Kosmic Kitten Rescue in Selma, NC, I decided to mark David as my own.  You see I wasn’t feeling well, but he was a really nice person, so I pooped on him…twice!!  I curled up in his lap and laid on a heavy dosing of PURRR…hook, line and sinker.  Beth was still playing with the other cats, but it didn’t matter.  I knew we were destined.

You see, unbeknownst to them, I had dreams of one day being a Pirate Kitty.  My left eye never developed and so I was a one eyed kitty.  Our meeting was fate.  They took me home that day.  I still didn’t have a name, but that was ok.  They were trying a few out.  On the ride home, to seal the deal, I pooped on David one last time.  They say third time is a charm…and so my name stuck.  SQUIRT!  

The apartment was a tiny and a little scary.  I hid under the couch for 24 hours.  Then they took me on another road trip…and one more poop on David.  He does love me!  And that is when I met my true love.  Know Tan Lines and I were an instant love affair.  She had so much to look at and climb and oversee.  She is beautiful and so much fun.

I’ve learned to tolerate my harness to make my humans feel “safer”, but I have been exploring the waters edge.  One of these days I will probably take a dip, but that will come in time.  Until then, I will oversee all projects as quality control, chase bugs, act as snuggle patrol and keep critters off of my sailing queen.  I hope to see you on the water soon…Squirt the Pirate Kitty


Hi! I’m Smudge, Squirt’s right hand kitty. I was found in one of David’s friends garage.  I was lost and hungry. David and Beth took me in to find me another home. But in the 5 weeks that they were fostering me, I made Squirt fall in love with me. So David and Beth decided to add me a crew. Know Tan Lines is so much fun for a young kitty like myself and Squirt is teaching me the ropes…or lines as they say in sailing!  I’ve already caught my first dragon fly, so Beth said my job on board will be to keep the bugs and rodents away. Yes ma’am!

As you can see, I have a little black smudge on my nose, so Beth was quick to name me. I like it! They are good humans. I’m still a bit concerned about Squirt. They keep saying she is probably going to push me in one day, but that’s ok. I like to live on the edge. I’m working on my parkour and adventure is my middle name.

I’m working on getting used to the harness. I will probably need it when Beth or David have to fish me out of the drink, but right now, I just like to chew on it. Until then, I’ll just keep sneaking out the door and running for the trampoline. See you soon…Smudge the Sailing Cat on a Cat